Overwatch Beginner’s Guide

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Overwatch Beginner’s Guide Overwatch’s a pretty simple game, right? You pick whichever of the many heroes available tickles your fancy, enter the playing field, aim and shoot at things until they die. Or at least, that’s how most people would think Overwatch is. But, it’s not. After all, FPS titles are inherently complex. Especially with Overwatch, which blends the best …

overwatch world cup

2017 Overwatch World Cup Final Analysis

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2017 Overwatch World Cup Final Analysis Last updated on November 5, 2017 Going into the Overwatch World Cup we all knew South Korea would be the favorite to win. But team Canada kept up pretty well and prevented a sweep by winning on Junkertown. The championship match was very close, with Canada losing by a close margin on the matches …

Console Hero Selection

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Console Hero Selection Ana (despite her recent nerf) continues to be very popular in the “meta”… console players should bear in mind that the meta focuses on PC play, and Ana won’t (and shouldn’t) get as much play on console because snipe aiming is just tougher. So the really interesting question is… who inherits the Ana slot space on console? …