Overwatch Beginner’s Guide

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Overwatch Beginner’s Guide

Overwatch’s a pretty simple game, right? You pick whichever of the many heroes available tickles your fancy, enter the playing field, aim and shoot at things until they die. Or at least, that’s how most people would think Overwatch is. But, it’s not. After all, FPS titles are inherently complex. Especially with Overwatch, which blends the best of MOBA with FPS, resulting in a cartoonish title that’s on pace to become one of the biggest competitive video games in the world.

Having said that, getting good at Overwatch isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and devotion to be good at the game. More so if you plan on joining the ranks of professional players and want to make a living out of playing Overwatch.

While there are many intricacies to the game and each of the 26 playable heroes, there are certain general aspects of the game that you can work and improve on for a better, overall experience.

So, let’s get started.

Use a Mic – But Don’t Abuse It

In Overwatch, communication is key. You’re half the player you should be when you’re playing without a mic. On the other hand, when you are playing with one, try not to be too distracting. There’s always a time to make some small talk, which usually is after the game. During fights you’ll want to stay locked in and that means talking on the mic only when necessary.

The Art of Versatility

People who main just 1-2 heroes typically get nowhere. Why? Because there are hard counters to every hero in Overwatch. As such, it’s best to know how to play multiple heroes at a basic level. In fact, practice every playable hero before sticking to a handful that you’ll shuffle through from game to game. Ideally, you’ll want to learn how to play at least two heroes from each of the four main categories – tank, support, offense, defense – well.

Know Your Priorities

In general, you’ll want to find and take down the enemy support heroes first. Not only are they the squishiest and easiest to kill, but they’re also the backbone of every successful team; without them, the rest of the enemy team should be easy pickings.

Of course, the same can also be said for your team’s support, so be just as mindful of their position and try to protect them.

Always Aim for the Head

If this is your first time playing an FPS title, then you should know that it’s a pretty good idea to aim for the head. Doing so, though, is much easier said than done. The best way to improve your aim is to play more matches against real players. Practicing against AI can actually hurt your aim due to the way the AI works in Overwatch.

On that note, the best way to practice getting headshots is by well, practicing. You can do this by playing tons of games, preferably competitive mode.

Group Up

Overwatch is a team-based shooter. Emphasis on the team-based because most people seem to forget that simple fact.

As a general rule of thumb, always try to group up before pushing in Overwatch. If the enemy gets multiple picks, simply gather yourselves again and give it another go. The more you go your separate ways, the more likely you’ll die one by one usually resulting in losing the match.

If you’d take the time to watch at least one pro game, teams always push as a six-man team. If you can get your team to do this, it should lead to positive results more often than not.

Be Patient

Getting good and in Overwatch’s case, climbing in Skill Rating (SR) takes time. Blizzard’s algorithm isn’t perfect, but generally you will be matched with players of similar skill. Remember you are the common factor between all of your matches. If you keep on losing, however, don’t be afraid to take a break for as long as you’d like. If you get into a winning streak, try to continue playing until one loss.

Though these simple tips won’t help you know where to position yourself in chokepoints and at what maps, you can apply them to every one of your games and see positive results.