Overwatch Tier List Rankings

Last updated on November 2, 2021

This page will show the current tier ratings for competitive play. The tier values are also used in the team picker.

This Overwatch tier list ranks heroes in terms of their current balance, and how they fit into the current meta. Note that even though a hero might be in tiers 3-5, in the right hands that hero can easily outperform a tier 1-2 pick in the wrong hands.

Overwatch Tier List Info

Tier 1 – These heroes have very high pick rates on the professional level and are a solid choice on any map or game-type.

Tier 2 – High pick rate heroes on the professional level but are often swapped out when needed.

Tier 3 – Heroes that are considered balanced, situational picks based on map, team picks, or game type.

Tier 4 – These heroes have a below average pick rate but can be good. They generally require a specific team composition to work.

Tier 5 – Low pick rate heroes that require the entire team to build around them to work, or they are weak in terms of balance.

Tier Lists

Tier 1 Role Description
Doomfist Offense High mobility flanker who is very good at knocking enemies out of position. Can be very good in the right hands but is prone to overextending.
Moira Support Great at deathball compositions and can be the team’s main healer. Excels in close quarters with a heal that works in a cone, and orbs that can heal or damage.
Reaper Offense High close quarter damage with a team-wiping ultimate if caught unaware. Excellent against large hitbox tanks. Can self sustain with healing, and has a great escape ability.
Sigma Tank
Tier 2 Role Description
Ana Support High skill ceiling with an ultimate that synergizes with most offense heroes. Her sleep dart and bionic grenade allow her to shut down many ultimates.
D.VA Tank Needs to be up close to damage, good at delaying and holding points. Defense matrix can deny enemy ultimates.
Mei Offense Can split the enemy team, especially at choke points with her wall. Can delay point captures with ice block and wall.
Orisa Tank Shield tank with low mobility. She can constantly keep shields up. Excellent at grouping enemies and getting environmental kills.
Reinhardt Tank His barrier makes him a great pick when you have lots of damage behind it. He can block out sniper fire and keep supports safe. His ultimate can stun multiple enemies.
Zarya Tank When fully charged she has the highest DPS in the game. Her barriers can save out of position teammates and deny some ultimates. Her ultimate synergizes with many heroes.
Tier 3 Role Description
Genji Offense High skill ceiling, can be devastating in the right hands. Best mobility in the game with high single target damage.
Hanzo Offense Has a useful sight ability and an excellent ultimate when paired with other ultimates. Can deal a huge amount of damage to shields and tanks.
Junkrat Offense Excellent at defending choke points and busting through shields. His burst damage can catch low health heroes off-guard.
Lucio Support Area healing and speed boost make Lucio essential to deathball compositions. His speedboost can help get teammates back into the fight faster.
McCree Offense Hitscan hero with great burst potential. His ultimate is great for picking off targets from afar or zoning out a large area.
Pharah Offense Excellent in open areas and control maps. Counters many heroes and can be difficult to deal with. Strong ultimate with good area damage.
Roadhog Tank Excellent at pulling single targets out of position and getting environmental kills with his hook. Can stay in the fight with his heal and damage reduction.
Sombra Offense Can shut down a team reliant on shields. Very good against heroes who rely on their abilities. High mobility and invisibility allows easy flanking. Excels on maps with accessible health packs.
Torbjorn Offense Extra armor can help your team defend. Good at zoning out areas of the map. Needs his team to build around him to work.
Tracer Offense High skill ceiling, can be very strong in the right hands. Has one of the fastest charging ultimates in the game. Her abilities allow her to flank and target support heroes.
Widowmaker Offense Great mobility and extremely effective if not dealt with. Can quickly give her team the advantage, especially when attacking. Her ultimate gives valuable sight to her entire team.
Winston Tank Excellent at disrupting the enemy back-line, and creating space. He has good mobility and health. His ultimate helps him push enemies out of position, and gives him a huge health pool.
Wrecking Ball Tank Disruptive tank with the ability to engage and disengage easily. Wrecking Ball is heavily reliant on his abilities in order to be effective.
Zenyatta Support A very versatile hero with good healing and good DPS at range with no damage drop off. Has low mobility with his ultimate being his only escape.
Tier 4 Role Description
Ashe Offense Excellent midrange damage with good mobility and area denial.
Baptiste Support
Brigitte Support Off-support healer with a small shield, can heal and provide armor to her teamates. Her abilities allow her to stun and displace the enemy team.
Mercy Support Excellent healer with the option to boost damage. Her ultimate allows her to heal her entire team, or boost their damage. Her ability to resurrect is extremely powerful.
Soldier: 76 Offense Provides sustained damage at range. He can also help heal his team. Sprint helps him quickly position himself, or escape.
Tier 5 Role Description
Bastion Offense Can be extremely powerful when his team builds around him. He needs shields and flanker protection to be effective.
Symmetra Offense Good single target damage with some area denial. Takes a coordinated team to reach full potential.

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